About Us

800 Take My Junk First was founded with the aim of offering a cost-efficient alternative to dumpster rentals. As a fully licensed and insured junk removal company in the UAE, we assist our customers with tasks as small as removing a single item, and as large as handling vehicle removals, estate clean-outs, and large debris.

800 Take My Junk First is a privately owned junk removal company, and we take pride in our commitment to community service. We provide affordable solutions for our clients and approach every job with meticulous attention to detail, care, and outstanding customer service. In simple words, our customers have an immense fondness for us!

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Our Mission:

We’re continuing to protect our land. Junk removal is just another way of protecting it. Let’s work together to protect it. Feel free to contact us we’re more than happy to speak with you.

Our Team

Reviving discarded artifacts into enchanting treasures, our team discovers allure in the overlooked


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800 Take My Junk Customers Reviews

Transforming clutter into cherished treasures, 800 delighted clients have entrusted us to take their junk first, making space for a brighter, more organized future.